SF Artisan Gift Box

SF Artisan Gift Box

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A selection of irresistible treats, are packed in this gift box. Handmade in San Francisco by passionate foodies. Jade Paddies made of dark chocolate with mangoes, crisp rice and almonds, a delightful fusion of flavors. Kika's caramelized graham crackers, hand dipped in dark chocolate, voted best cookies in SF.

Clairesquare a Sofi award finalist shortbread topped with a layer of caramel and a crunchy chocolate sheet. Z Cioccolati North Beach San Francisco famous fudge store, smores fudge half a pound box.

Vegan cookies, no butter no eggs,

chocolate chips, smooth and chewy.

Nana Joe's ocean beach handcrafted granola bar, Jammy Jack square made by Claire,

Thatcher's SF Dogpatch famous popcorn, chocolate drizzled caramel corn with sea salt.

Love Birt's Bites made in her own kitchen a blend of nuts, granola's and seeds, crunchy and delicious.

All of these goodies in one gift box, an exceptional treat for your recipients.
serves 8 people.

Hand delivery rates outside of San Francisco depends on the destination. Please call us for more information at 415.551.7720.