About Us


Based in downtown San Francisco The Gifted Basket was created as a full expression of the power of giving and receiving.   Since 1992 over twenty years of outstanding service, we have learned what and why people give.  We have participated in recounting the joy of receiving the most endearing and thoughtful gift.  It is part of our nature to want to give the very best and to make sure those who receive cherish the moment and the gift. 

Each basket is artfully created, hand wrapped, and prepared with great care. We are committed to delivering high quality products and wine to your business associates, friends, clients, and loved ones. We take the business of giving very seriously and it is our priority that our customers and those who receive our gifts are one hundred percent satisfied.

The Gifted Basket offers you over two decades of gift giving retail experience. We are sure our expertise, creativity and customer service will set us apart from other companies. We are extremely pleased and excited to present you with our fine selection of baskets, wine, and gift ideas.

We are located at 1201 Minnesota Street, San Francisco, CA 94107.

*Please note:  Due to fluctuating inventory and vendor supplies, we may have to substitute a particular item for another.  Our policy when we make a substitution is that it will never cost less than the inital item - it may even cost more, but never less, and we strive for equal value.  We stand by our commitment to delivery quality baskets and we will not compromise this quality.